When can I reserve an apartment?

Sales will go live at 12 midday on 11 May 2022

What happens on launch day?

At 12pm midday on 11 May 2022 the greyed out RESERVE buttons will all activate and turn green. You do not have to refresh your browser, this will happen in real time. Once the buttons are active, you can then reserve your selected unit. 

Can I reserve an apartment before the sales launch?

No. All apartments will be available at the same time.

How do I unlock my discount?

Simply click MENU then UNLOCK R100 000 DISCOUNT and complete your buyer profile. Your discount will reflect on the price list. Terms & Conditions apply.

How do I add a unit to my shortlist?

Simply click the SHORTLIST button on the Card View or the Star icon on the List View.

Where do I view my shortlist?

Click MENU and then Shortlist. If you have units in your shortlist, the number will reflect next to the menu item. The shortlist gives users quick access to their favourite units so that on launch day they have quick access to them. 

Card and List View?

Card View is a great way to browse the price list visually or on your mobile device. List view is more of a traditional price list layout that allows greater functionality with sortable columns.

Where can I view the full floor plans and brochure?

Click MENU and then Floor Plans or Brochure and they will be downloaded.

Can I share a unit I'm interested in?

Yes, you can share in two ways:

1. Share a filtered list by email or unique link by clicking the share button in the filter bar.
2. You can also share individual units by clicking the share links.